We have cashless tie ups with all major insurance companies in order to get the insurance claims for your cars. Our Denting Painting Shop is equipped with latest Dent Pullers, Paint Rack, & Paint Booth in order to give your top quality finish.

General Service

Periodical maintenance of all brands of cars is done by using genuine parts such as Filters, Oils, etc. Complete Body Wash &Interior Cleaning also is part of servicing.

Insurance Renewals

We do all types of insurance for all types of vehicles. We also give timely reminders to our customers for their policy renewal.

Mechanical Repairs

Our trained specialist technicians carry out all types of mechanical repairs such as Brake, Suspension, Power Steering, Engine Overhauling, Remapping& Tuning of all brands of cars is also carried out.

Wheel Balancing & Alignment

Regular WB & WA is required for all cars, specially based on our Mumbai Road condition. In House facility of this enables us to give the car tires better life & good drivability.

Value Added Services

Interior Polishing &Exterior Polishing, Anti Rust Coating, Teflon, AC Disinfection, Engine Flushing and Service Pack are done using Branded imported products.

AC Servicing & Repair

AC charging & Servicing, Replacement of AC compressor, cooling Coil, etc is carried out.

DATA Management System

Total history of car repairs including insurance details are stored in our system in order to give best advise to our customers. This is done in our ERP system.

Engine Scanner Diagnostic

We have latest engines scanner in order to diagnose the problems in all types of latest & high End cars such as AUDI, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

Break Down assistance

We offer 24x7 break down assistance to any car owners. Our towing van will reach you anywhere in Mumbai.


Our Service advisors go for Pick Up of vehicle from the customers in order to understand the problem completely from customers.