Common Difficulties

Common Difficulties

of every car owner

You have a car and have seen the authorized workshop and the road side garages. Trust & Reliability is not usually associated with the Roadside Garages. With Authorized workshop, high maintenance bills because of their Policy of "Replacement" over the "Repair" makes your CAR Ownership very Regretful. Life becomes difficult when you have to send different brand of cars to different workshop. You always preferred the workshop to be close to your place of work or residence and the workshop took the car for servicing and delivered it back. All plans hinged on car delivery goes for a toss when your car is not available on committed time. Lastly, Owning a car comes with a lot of comfort, but sometimes being a car owner can be scary, sudden break down or refuses to start. What do you do? That's when you need an Emergency Service Number that you can Contact.

To take care of such issues of car owners, we present "ICCU" All Car Service. We are here to change the concept from Servicing & Repair workshop to Intensive Car Care Unit (ICCU).

Like medical ICCU, we are dedicated to take care of our customer's cars & give them whole new experience of owning a car where trust will be earned through Honesty, High Quality & On-time Service at a fair value.

ICCU provides rigorous training to all technicians to take care of all brands of cars. ICCU have standardized quality standards and there are regular checks to ensure that it is adhered to. We constantly monitor billing, quality of spares, timely delivery in order to stick to our mission.

Our mission is to provide our customers with expertise, hassle free, & timely car care services at fair value. We want to earn trust & respect, not only of customers but also of our employees by working with Honesty, Integrity & Passion.